The HavenTree box was born out of necessity. Business partners and friends Meredith and Tresa are evangelical about self care -- because they rely on it. Self-described “busy broads,” they initially bonded over their shared health complications and the special needs and disabilities of their children. Those shared experiences made Tresa and Meredith firm adherents to the “airplane rule:” putting your own oxygen mask on first to be better able to help anyone else. Dispersed among business strategy talk, their text threads reveal repeated reminders to each other. “Take another day to rest! You’ll be more functional and make the time up anyway!” “How’s [your son] doing after his surgery? Have you taken a shower in the last week? Let me recommend a dry shampoo!” “Is gluten [your daughter’s] only allergy? I’m sending snacks.”

Juggling families, entrepreneurship and their own health issues mean that they have had to find a system that works, and works for the long haul. Self care is a way of life for them.

HavenTree is a product developed by Tresa and Meredith’s company, Abish Media, SPC. They founded Abish Media because they saw first hand there is a need in the media market for development, representation, and distribution of content that treats creators ethically, compensates them fairly, nurtures underrepresented talent, and tells stories that wouldn’t otherwise be told.

“At Abish Media, our goal is to provide a platform for women and non-binary creators to find an audience of people of deep conviction and belief and to serve that audience by bringing them content that enriches their lives.”

Abish Media is organized as a Social Purpose Corporation in the state of Washington. This designation allows them to prioritize a social mission over profit margins, and make its choices based on what will advance our social mission. It supports organizations that benefit anti-racist efforts, religious freedom, physical and mental health care access, LGBT rights, feminism, disability rights, and military veterans.

Tresa Edmunds

Tresa Edmunds

Tresa Edmunds

Creative Visionary
Twitter: @ReeseDixon
Instagram: @ReeseDixon

Tresa is an award winning activist, in-demand speaker and performer, craft designer, and her words and thoughts have been featured everywhere from Bitch Magazine to Better Homes and Gardens. For over a decade Tresa has written the popular lifestyle blog, blogged at where she wrestled with religion and social justice, and she runs a Youtube channel where she shares her authentic approach to creativity and explores how it can change the world, one person at a time.

Tresa lives in Northern California with her husband, son, three spoiled cats, and assorted collection of friends and family. If you entered her home she would feed you and then show you her latest creation. She has creative energy to burn.

Meredith Hutchison Hartley, CQIA

Meredith Hutchison Hartley

Meredith Hutchison Hartley

Idea Wrangler
Twitter: @thequalitygirl
Instagram: @merhartley

Meredith is an award-winning business nerd, theater geek, and quality management expert.  You could call her an executive-level janitor: for over 15 years, she's been helping organizations clean up messes and make things work.  

She is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, a FINRA fellowship recipient, and holds the record for being the youngest person to ever receive a certification from the American Society for Quality (she was 18. We really weren't kidding about the business geek part).  Meredith also co-hosts "Oh Crap! The Crisis Management Podcast" and "The Hidden History of Business Podcast." She is active in organizations that support health, PTSD-survivors,  interfaith dialogue, and civil rights. 

Meredith lives in Eastern Washington with her husband, two children, two dogs, two turtles, a hammock, and a lot of books.  Mer likes her chocolate dark, her music loud, and her Pad Thai with extra fish sauce.