The Basics

How does the subscription work?
When you join HavenTree, you’ll get a box every quarter stuffed with self care gear. Each HavenTree box contains 5-8 items that support different self care areas, including 2 craft kits.  These are almost exclusively full-size products. We very rarely include single-use or sample sizes of any product. 

Why craft kits? Because creativity is critical for self care, and study after study has shown that making things is connected with physical and mental health.  You’ll also get a copy of Cultivate, a HavenTree zine about what authentic self care really looks like in the trenches. 

HavenTree boxes ship in January, April, July, and October. The first HavenTree Box is scheduled to ship in October 2017. 

We’ll open up orders for that first box in June 2017. But quantities will be limited!  If you subscribe, you will be charged when you sign up in June, and your box will ship in October. 

After the first box *ships,* you will pay $49.99* per box each quarter. We’ll charge you between the 1st and 5th of each shipping month. Don’t worry about forgetting! We’ll send you a reminder email 2 weeks before your payment is scheduled to be processed.

How do I subscribe?
Just go to the Main Menu and click on “Subscribe Now.” That will take you to the HavenTreeBox product page. From there, you can select two kinds of subscriptions: “For Myself” and “Gift Subscription.” Add whichever subscription(s) you like to your cart. You’ll be prompted to create an account before you check out. 

What’s your cancellation policy?
We allow cancellations on a case-by-case basis. Requests for cancellation must be made before the 25th of the month BEFORE your box is schedule to ship. 

Do you take returns or exchanges?
We don’t accept returns or exchanges on subscription boxes or the items in them. But if an item arrives damages or is missing from your box, we’ll mail you a replacement for free. If a replacement isn’t available, we’ll offer you a credit or a different item of comparable value. Just email Customer Care at and we’ll take care of it. 

Read our full refund and return policy here.

How do I log in to my account?
Go to and select “Account Login” from the Main Menu. Or click here:

How do I reset my password?
On the Account Login page, there is a link to reset your password directly below the log in box. Follow the link and you’ll receive an email at the address on file with instructions for resetting your account.

How do I update my address and billing information?
Just log into your account at Click here to go directly to the login page.

What payment options do you offer?
We accept all major credit cards.

When will my account be charged?
You will be charged for your first box immediately when you sign up. After you receive your first box, you will be charged every three months. Your payment method should be charged between the 1st and 5th of each shipping month (January, April, July, October). 

What if my payment method is declined?
You’ll receive an email letting you know your payment was declined, and we’ll give you instructions on how to update it so you don’t miss out on a box.
Don’t worry about forgetting. We’ll send a reminder email about two weeks before we process you payment to remind you and give you a chance to update your billing information.

How will the charge appear on my statement?
Your charge will appear as HAVENTREEBOX on your statement.

How do I cancel my account?
Log in to your account at (or click here to go to the log in page), or you can email us for assistance at Be sure to include your name so we can look up your account. You can cancel your subscription at any time after receiving your first box. 

I made a mistake while checking out. What do I do?
No sweat! Just email us at and we’ll get you squared away. If you only need to change your shipping address, you can do that anytime by logging into your account here.

What is your return policy?
You can read our return policy here.
That said – we make decisions based on each customer’s individual situation. If you have a concern or crisis, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help. 

An item arrived damaged or missing from my box. Help!
We replace items if they are defective, damaged, or missing from your shipment.

If an item arrives damaged or is missing from your box, send an email to HavenTree Customer Care ( ) within 7 days of delivery and we will mail you a replacement item at no cost to you.  If the item is damaged, you may be asked to email us a photo of the item, which will be be used to improve quality assurance processes.  Replacements are approved at the sole discretion of our team.

All attempts will be made to replace your item with an identical or similar item. This means that we will make every attempt to match the color and/or variant of the item we are replacing. If an identical or similar item is not available, we reserve the right to offer you a choice between a non-identical replacement item of similar value or a credit on your account.  

How do I give you feedback about my products?
Our on-site reviews will go live on our site after the first box ships. You can also leave feedback on our Facebook page, or contact us directly at

How do I get access to video tutorials for featured craft kits?
We’ll email you a link to your video tutorials around the time your box ships.

Can I purchase an entire year upfront?
Not yet! We’ll be rolling out discounted annual subscriptions in 2018. At that time, quarterly subscribers will have the option to upgrade to an annual plan. 

What is your privacy policy?
You can read our privacy policy here.

Where are you located?
HavenTree is run by Abish Media, SPC and based in the glorious Inland Northwest city of Spokane Valley, WA.  That’s just a couple miles east of Spokane, WA (Near Nature, Near Perfect!) and a few miles west of Idaho. The huckleberries are plentiful, the seafood is fresh from the coast, and the people are quirky.

Gift Subscriptions

Can I buy a gift subscription and have it shipped directly to the recipient?
Yes! You can purchase a gift subscription by going to the product page and selecting “Gift Subscription” from the drop down menu. 

If you want to purchase multiple subscriptions, you’ll need to follow these directions because our current system only allows you to check out with one shipping address. We’re working to change that, but in the meantime we can change those addresses manually. Here’s how to make sure your boxes get where you want them to go:

  1. Add your subscriptions to your cart and enter your own shipping address during checkout. 
  2. In the “Order Notes” box of the checkout, enter the names and shipping addresses for your gift subscription recipients.
  3. Complete check out.
  4. We will manually update shipping information for those boxes. You’ll get a confirmation email when it’s done.

If you need any help with Gift Subscriptions, please email us at

Do you offer gift cards?
Not right now. You can purchase a gift subscription by clicking on “Subscribe Now.” (see above)

The Box

Can I buy just one box?
At the moment? No. The HavenTree Box is currently only available as an ongoing subscription. We hope to offer individual boxes on the site soon. Sign up for our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when we do.

What will be in the box?
Each HavenTree Box will arrive with 5 to 8 items that support self care, including craft kits, stationery, personal care items, spa products, delicious treats, accessories and lines, and problem-solving items that make self-care easier.  This isn't a sample box. We feature almost exclusively full-size items. If we do include a sample size, it is usually as a bonus item and not included in the item count. 

The box will also contain product information and an issue of Cultivate, an exclusive HavenTree zine with articles, art, comics, and stories from people talking about what self care is really like in the trenches.

A link to video tutorials for the featured craft products will be emailed to you around the time your HavenTree Box arrives.

I saw examples of boxes in the video and pictures on your site. Are those the products I’ll be getting?
No. You won’t be getting those exact products. The pictures on our site show examples of the kinds of products we may include in each box – but each box will contain unique items chosen for you each quarter.

The site says you’re sold out! When will more subscription spots open up?
We only had a limited number of spots available for our first box, but we’re working with our suppliers to make more available. Sign up for our waiting list by going to the product page and entering your email address. You’ll get an email as soon as subscriptions reopen.  

After the second round of subscriptions, HavenTree subscriptions will likely reopen around the time the second HavenTree Box ships in January 2018.

Are you making medical, therapeutic, or other health claims?  What do you mean when you say that use select products based on “the best practices of medical and therapeutic clinicians?” 
No. Nope. Absolutely not.  Repeat after me: HavenTree is not a replacement or alternative to medical care or mental health services.

(HavenTree is not a replacement or alternative to medical care or mental health services.)

You should not use the HavenTree Box, HavenTree products, or our materials as a substitute for medical advice and treatment. We are not medical experts (we don’t even play them on TV!). We do not make any promises or claims that HavenTree featured products can cure or treat any condition, illness, or health issue. So **PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease** consult with your doctor before using HavenTree self care products with any medical or therapeutic treatment or program. Seriously, folks. We have doctors for a reason. None of us need that kind of pressure. 

So what do we mean when we talk about research, best practices, and therapeutic interventions? It means we know that “self care” has become a buzzword – a euphemism for pampering and getting mani-pedis. And pampering and mani-pedis can absolutely be valid self care! But we’ve also spent years studying peer-reviewed research and talking with experts to understand what real, comprehensive self care looks like. Both Meredith and Tresa have spent years in therapy learning how to make self care personal and meaningful (and we’re STILL learning!). We’ve used all that information to create criteria for selecting products to ensure they serve a purpose beyond pampering; we want to help you try new things and understand your needs better.


When will my box ship out?
The first HavenTree Box will ship in October 2017. After that, a new box will ship out to you once each season in January, April, July, and October. We ship in batches throughout the month, so your box could ship anytime between the 10th and 25th of each month. You will receive a shipping notification with a USPS tracking number as soon as your box ships.

What is your shipping schedule?
The next five boxes are schedule to ship in:
October 2017
January 2018
April 2018
July 2018
October 2018

Do you ship internationally?
We do not currently ship internationally, but we’re working hard to expand our regions quickly! Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when we do. 

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO address and US territories or protectorates? YES! To all of the abov

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping and handling is currently $12.50 per box.

Will I get a tracking number?
Yes! When your box ships, you’ll receive an email with a USPS tracking number for your package.

What kind of package should I expect?
HavenTree Boxes packaged in custom boxes and them placed inside USPS Priority Mail boxes. We do this to provide an extra layer of protection -- and so that there are no identifying marks on the box in case you aren’t home when it’s delivered and your mail carrier must leave it on your doorstep.

What if my box is damaged during shipping or something is missing?
Just contact us at and we’ll send you a replacement for the damaged items. If an exact replacement isn’t available, we’ll offer you a replacement of comparable value or a credit on your account.  Credits and alternative replacements are done on a case-by-case basis and are at the sole discretion of the HavenTree team.

When will my first box ship?
If you are part of the June 2017 pre-order, your first box will ship in October 2017.
For all other subscriptions, you will receive the next box in the shipping schedule.

One more time: What is the shipping schedule again?
The first box ships in October 2017. After that, boxes will ship once each season in January, April, July, and October. 

Vendors & Media

I have an awesome product that would be great in the HavenTree Box! 
Great! Fill out our Vendor Application here so we can get to know you better. We’ll view it and a team member will be in touch soon.

Before you apply, you should know that we may ask you to submit a small number of samples for testing. This is because HavenTree absolutely does not purchase or feature any products that our product team has not personally tested. 

Please remember that we only select 5-8 products to feature per quarter, and our ordering cycle is very long. We plan our boxes months in advance – so even if we love your product and want to feature it,  several months may pass between when we test it and place an order.

I'm a member of the media or blogger and have some questions about HavenTree. What's the best way to reach you?   

Fill out our Media Contact Form and Tresa or Meredith with get in touch with you soon.  Really. The form is the absolute best way to make sure we can respond to you quickly. We promise your request won't go into the internet void and that we really do check for inquiries every day. *double pinky swear*