How Does a HavenTree Subscription Work?


When you join HavenTree, you’ll receive a new box stuffed with full-sized product and self care gear every three months. Each HavenTree box contains 5-8 items that support different self care areas, and usually includes 2 craft kits. Why craft kits? Because creativity is critical for self care, and study after study has shown that making things is connected with physical and mental health.  You’ll also get a copy of Cultivate, a HavenTree zine about what authentic self care really looks like in the trenches.  

It's like getting a seasonal care package to help you make the good experiences in your life outweigh the bad ones.

HavenTree boxes ship in January, April, July, and October. The first HavenTree Box is scheduled to ship in October 2017. As a subscriber, you'll be charged $49.99* per box each quarter (*plus shipping and handling). 

When you subscribe to the HavenTree box, you give yourself the gift of permission. Permission to take the rest you need, to take care of the body you're in, to spend time doing something you enjoy. You recognize that you are worth time and care and commit to creating more of that in your life. Every item you find in a HavenTree box can be enjoyed as part of a luxurious life, but used in combination with therapeutic tools such as meditation, journaling, exercise, proper sleep hygiene and more, you will find the power to change your life

Every item included in a HavenTree box is carefully chosen to support therapeutic interventions and is reflective of current scientific understanding. No trendy cleanses or skeptical promises, only tools that support your best physical and mental health. Because study after study has proven that making things provides a host of benefits, each box will include at least two craft kits and supplies. You'll receive a variety of projects, and links to video tutorials, to experiment with as you discover new hobbies, make something beautiful, or just play around for a while and throw it all away when you're done. Creativity requires workouts, and not every workout needs to be a dance recital.

A HavenTree box also contains an issue of our exclusive zine, "Cultivate." Each issue discusses how the selected items can benefit a self care routine, offers coping techniques anchored in therapeutic modalities, and uses art and humor to share real life experiences. We will never pretend problems don't exist. We believe real inspiration happens by showing success even with piles of laundry at our feet. 


The first HavenTree box will ship in Fall 2017. We’ve had a wait list building for the last six months, and we only had a limited number of slots available. Until now. But due to demand, we’ve are opening up a limited number of subscriptions for the next three weeks only. If you sign up now, you can skip the waitlist and claim a subscription today. We’ve got some really exciting things planned for the next year and we’re working with our suppliers to bring you unique projects and products -- some from brands you know and love, and some really exciting ones that will be HavenTree exclusives. We won’t be opening up subscriptions again until 2018. So now is the time to claim your spot. Gift subscriptions are also available.

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